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Starbucks, Canberra

I found a Starbucks in the centre of Canberra. Nice spot, nice chairs, nice people… not so nice Grande Chai Latte's though. I've had 2 of them now, one last week and one today, and unfortunately they've both been the same – too muck milk, not enough froth. Ah well, I'll persist. I took some photos while I was there this morning, just to show some of the attractions. Click on the photo to go to the album where you can see all of them.

Starbucks 21 Feb 07

Canberra. Lovely place, good to be here. It has more thunder and lightning storms than I remember. Or maybe the earth's axis shifted or something, and I never noticed…There's a lot more attractive women here than in Wellington. I remembered that. And what's even nicer is that generally, they aren't as overweight as so many of the women in New Zealand. And all these asian chicks – where'd they all come from?! The asian population has just exploded in the past 6-7 years. Not that I'm complaining… More eye candy is a very good thing.Jobs. There's lots of them! Which is why I'm currently being quite selective about what I'm applying for. In New Zealand I was worth around NZ$50k per year (about AU$45k). Over here it's a very different story indeed. I'm currently lined up for interviews with a couple of jobs through some recruitment agencies, and my skills and experience are allowing me to go for roles that are worth twice as much as what I was getting in NZ. This is another very good thing. :-)The car is a petrol-hungry monster that must be shot and put down. Or sold, to make room for a more economical one. Maybe I'll just sell it… Anyway, it gets about 7.5km for every litre of petrol. Not very good. My BMW was around 11km per litre. So we'll get a smaller car with 4 cylinders instead of 6. That'll end up being Deidre's car, and when we've saved enough money I'll buy the Fairmont that I originally wanted. It's a little more economical than the S-Pack, getting about 10km per litre. It'll do.

Both Deidre and I have managed to acclimatise to the weather pretty quickly, thankfully. With temperatures in the mid 30's I've found that I don't sweat as much as I used to 3 weeks ago. And Deidre is complaining it's 'too cold' when the temperature drops to 20 degrees (celsius) of a night. Between you and me, I don't think she's happy unless she's complaining about the cold. She wanted to come to Australia to get away from the New Zealand cold, and she's still complaining about it here. A man just can't win… 🙂 More later.

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