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Australian Parliament House

The other day Deidre and I went to Parliament House, the centre of Australian politics. It was just as we arrived that they blocked off the entrance, and we had to wait about 10-15 minutes for VIP cars to leave. I found out that we were waiting for the President of Finland to leave. I prepared my camera for the show, and managed to get some photos of John Howard, the Australian Prime Minister. Nice.

Then we went inside after all the excitement died down, and went on a quick walk around the house before making our way into the House of Representatives for Question Time. This is where the politicians question each other and debate various policies and laws, etc. It was like watching a pack of small children abusing insulting each other and trying to drown out whoever was speaking with their laughter or ridicule.

It was amusing to think that these children are responsible for the future of Australia…

Anyway, here’s a few photos for you to check out. Click on this photo to go to the web album.

Parliament – 20 Feb 07

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