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The changing nature of life and blogging

I’ve been pondering the changing nature of my life and blogging, and I’m finding that it’s too ‘difficult’ to find the time for writing long-ish posts or articles about the things I used to write about.

Technology today is moving everyone to communicating with text-messages or short status messages on various social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, etc. It’s much easier to provide a brief update on what you’re doing ‘right now’ than it is to write an article…

So today I found a means of integrating my Friendfeed output into this blog, and if you click on alan’s lifestream at the top of the page there, you’ll see what I mean.

This page will show you what I’ve been doing most recently, with Twitter, Facebook, items I share in Google Reader, as well as new blog posts.

I’ll be using this from now on more than I will be writing articles and posts, but don’t get me wrong – I’ll still be writing stuff when I feel like it. But I’ll be doing more ‘status reports’ on what I’m doing or feeling.

Everything changes, and everything evolves (or dies). The way I communicate my life with you, the readers, is changing.

I hope you enjoy keeping up to date with my updates via the Lifestream page.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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