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My busy-ness (is that such a word) has gone up a few levels over the past couple of week. I’m actually in a position that keeps me busy all day!

One of the really awesome things about it is that it’s a management role, and for the introvert in me, that’s just the kind of thing I need to expand my abilities. There’s all kinds of networking needing to be done, staff management, and even the occasional heated discussion with a senior manager if it seems warranted. (No point being a ‘yes’ man!)

And then, after being around people and talking to them most of the day, continuing to be around people is just the last thing I want to do at the end of the day, so I’m usually on Eve Online of an evening.

That’s what life is currently revolving around, so there’s very little to write about in here.

However, you might want to know what my plans are over the next couple of months. It really is going to be a very busy time…

It’s my birthday this weekend, and I’ve got a bunch of friends joining me in a birthday dinner. This includes my good friend Mel, who seems to have a habit of coming a long way for my birthday. A couple years ago when I was in NZ, she flew there all the way from Perth to join me on my birthday. She’s doing the same this week, but flying to Canberra… at least it’s not as far. I think she did the same last year too, but I really can’t remember back to what happened this time last year… it’s been a pretty hectic year…

Over Christmas, Deidre and I are driving down to Adelaide on Dec 23. We’re catching up with my mum and staying overnight there in Mildura, where she’ll be with her own family, and then continuing on to Adelaide on Dec 24 to spend xmas with Deidre’s dad.

On the 27th, I’ll be driving back to Canberra by myself, staying overnight in Mildura, arriving back on Dec 28th. On Dec 29th I’ll be driving up to Sydney to stay with my friend Peter, and to catch up with my friend Dan, who I haven’t seen since xmas 2005.

On the 30th or 31st of Dec, I’ll be driving back down to Canberra for the new year. We’ve got a huge new year’s eve bbq party organised again, just like we had last year. It was a resounding success, so we’ll see about making it a habit.

I’ll be sad that my friends Garry and Monique won’t be with us this year, as it was just awesome that they were with us here last year.

And then in mid January, my friend and ex-boss from Computerland, New Zealand, is flying over to Melbourne to watch some tennis, so I’ll be going down to Melbourne for a couple days to catch up with him as well.

What a busy couple of months!

I’ll keep you updated with things as they progress.

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