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The million dollar experiment

Over at Steve Pavlina’s blog, he’s been working on a million dollar experiment. I’ve decided to do it myself.

It works on principles of manifestation, cause and effect, where the cause of an effect is actually the thought you have about something, the decision you make. For example, let’s say you decide to go for a drive. You might say that the cause of you going for a drive was getting in the car, while the effect is the experience of the drive. However, the real cause was the decision you made to get into the car.

The cause of many effects in your life begin with the thoughts you have. If you constantly think about being poor, or how much money you don’t have, then you bring into your life more of what you think about. If you constantly think about being wealthy, or how much you DO have, then you bring into your life more of what you think about.

It’s a simple principle, really. If you only think about what you lack, then you won’t be on the lookout for opportunities to be rich, because all you’re thinking about and all you’re seeing is how poor you are. The reverse is also true. If you only think about how wealthy you are, and how much money you have, then you will be on the lookout for opportunities to make even MORE money. The more you think about something, the more it is in your life.

So how do you think about being wealthy when you know you’re poor?

You have to change your perspective about wealth. Wealth can start off with a healthy life and healthy relationships. If you’re alive, have all of your limbs, aren’t in hospital with some illness, then you’re far wealthier than many others. If you can buy food, go out to the movies once a month – or year – and can afford to live in western society, you’re far wealthier than those who absolutely have no money at all, who live in third world countries, and who live in fear of stepping on land mines or being shot by various marauding armies.

If you’re reading this and think you’re poor, you’re actually one of the elite members of the world. You are wealthy beyond the wildest dreams of the great majority of people around the world.

When you can start believing in your own wealth, you start attracting more of it to you. It can happen overnight if you want, or it might take longer if you don’t believe in overnight miracles. It’s all related to what you think and believe.

So I’m going to start increasing the wealth in my life. I’m going to start the million dollar experiment. It all starts with a decision, and I’ve decided to do this. You can too, if you want to.

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