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Over the past couple of days I’ve been playing around with Twitter, trying to understand why it’s the next best thing since Facebook.  During the course of this investigation, I attempted to put my ‘Twitterings’ updates onto their own page in this blog, but when that didn’t work, I tried to do it in a blog post, which I would link to from the menu up the top.  But that didn’t work either, so I ended up deleting the post.  Apologies to all my subscribers!

Anyway, my investigation has continued further.  I’ve browsed for interesting people in Canberra who use Twitter, and added a few to my ‘following’ list, which is basically my own network of people using Twitter.  Some of them have even become ‘followers’ of me, which is nice.  And then I added an add-on to Firefox that allows me to monitor the twitterings of all those in my Twitter network, keeping up to date with those who I’m following.

Already I can see the advantage of having access to something like this, as my ‘new friends’ and I have briefly discussed someone coming to Canberra on Monday, and a bunch of people getting together with them for a coffee and chat.  It’s a nice social networking tool!

However, it’s not just ‘social networking’ which is a bonus.  It’s all kinds of related networking too.  I found someone in Canberra via this method who runs a professional services company, providing all kinds of professional services – including business analysis.  I sent them an email with my CV as part of my own attempt to continue moving forward as a BA after my current contract finishes.  I’m yet to hear back from them, but I can see how this networking can be beneficial across so many different areas – personal interests, social interests, and even professional interests.

I’ve added a ‘follow me on Twitter’ link under my welcome to the left there.  Anyone that wants to join my network in some way, please feel free to add me!  I’d love to talk to you.

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