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Our cat has used up most of his nine lives

Deidre found Spike yesterday morning sitting on one of the chairs in our outdoor setting. He'd been out all night, which was a first. We found out why when we saw a huge chunk of flesh taken out of his side. After quickly rushing him to the vet, we sat down while watching them running around out the back dealing with the emergency that was our cat.

Turned out that the chunk wasn't the extent of his wound. He'd done something to himself, maybe fallen onto something that pretty much sliced him open, but didn't cut through his muscle fiber. To the vet's surprise, as they were cleaning up the wound that was only about five inches in length, he 'fell apart'. The cut ended up being more than 12 inches in length, travelling from just to the right of his spine, going down across his stomach, and back halfway up his left side.

The vet took pictures, because he'd never treated an injury on a cat to that extent before. After over 100 sutures, he now looks like some kind of Frankenstein creation. But recovering well, it seems. We're picking him up this afternoon.

I'm hoping he learns from this experience, and doesn't ever again do whatever it was he did, that resulted in whatever it was that happened. It cost $1,000 for the treatment, not something we were expecting to pay, and not something either of us want to deal with again. As of this week, pet insurance is number one priority.

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