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Over the past few weeks, Wakana has been increasingly online and chatting to me about stuff. She has been asking me lots of questions about things she has to do in her life, asking for advice, etc. (She's also created a flyer for me to put up to advertise myself as a Conversational English teacher.)

However, it's gotten more frequent over the past few days, with her coming online and asking me how to do this, how to do that, what should she do here and there and everywhere else.

I've gotten frustrated. I've asked her why she's coming to me with this stuff when she should be talking to her partner – that's what he's there for. Apparently he's not that interested in helping her, and she's given me half-arsed excuses about why.

However, today was like a straw breaking the camel's back, so to speak. She's thinking about buying a car, because her partner is getting tired of driving her around to places she needs to go, or the buses take too long and it's inconvenient. So she's buying a car.

But she comes online and was asking me questions about this car and that, what she should look for, etc etc. All her problems would be solved if she just had someone to do it with her.

I 'spat the dummy' in a polite way when she told me her partner doesn't want to help her (from previous conversations, this includes the wedding plans), so this is how the conversation ended.

Neo: I'm very sad for you. A partner is someone who happily does things for you, but it sounds as if Mark does nothing for you. I'm very sad, but it's your life. I hope that you eventually find your happiness, because right now, I don't believe you have it

Neo: anyway, I have to go

Neo: bye for now

Wakana: bye

Wakana: im happy cause i should be happy, dont worry, hava good day alan

So it's obvious that she's still living her life because she feels she 'should' be happy with how things are. She has a man who wants to marry her. She should be happy, and so she 'is'.



But what can ya do? She makes her bed, she has to lie in it. It's only sad for me that she's choosing to live this kind of life of obligation rather than following her heart.


I don't have that much sympathy for her any more. She old enough to look after herself, and if she can't, then there's nothing I can do – or want to do – to help her. I moved past that last year.

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