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We have two new kittens

That’s a photo of our two newest additions to our ‘family’. The ginger one is Deidre’s and she’s called him Spike. The dark one is mine and I’m still not sure what I’m naming her. I’ll work it out soon enough.

We got them yesterday afternoon. There was a whole litter at the pet store, and we came, we saw, we acquired! They’re 8 weeks old, and very cute.

What makes our experience with these kittens different from Eve and Geisha back in NZ is that these kittens are brother and sister, and having the two of them is much better than having an older one with a new kitten. They keep each other amused without too much input from us, which is nice. With both of us working, that works out really well.

What’s even nicer is that because they’re so close to each other, they don’t bother us while we’re sleeping. They stay to themselves. With both Eve and Geisha, they kept on demanding our attention, which these two new kittens don’t. In fact, they’re quite independent in their attitudes, preferring to play with themselves than seek us out.

We got them a scratching post this afternoon, which is much cheaper than replacing our couch! Hopefully it’ll keep them happy, and us too.

I’ll get some more photos later on, when I get some better ones.

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