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I went to a lot of effort yesterday looking for a website that provided a chat room with webcam functionality. I couldn’t find one that suited my needs, they either sucked big time, or they wanted to charge a lot of money. Forgeddaboutit!

So I went to the place I should have looked in the first place – Facebook. And what did I find? I found a webcam chat room application that allows you to create your own room, enable your webcam, and chat to interested people. Visitors to the chat can also enable their own webcams, but they don’t need to have one or enable it if they do.

The reason I wanted to find this was because I’m having a housewarming party tonight, and there’s a couple of people who are invited but who are outside the city or the country, so they’re attending via the internet.

You’re also welcome to see if I have a room enabled, and you can pop in to watch or chat. You’ll need a Facebook login though.

– Go here – http://apps.facebook.com/youcams/
– Double-click on the room called AlanzEyes
– You’re in!

The room will be open from 4:30pm Australian time (+10 GST)

If there’s no room of that name there, then it just means I haven’t enabled the room.

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