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What a day

It started off great – I woke up! Always a good sign. Even got to work on time! I was pretty busy most of the day, which was ok, but then it went to hell around 4pm.

I was supposed to get a phone call from a technician who would be coming out to our new place – which we’re moving into tomorrow – to tell me when he was going to be there. He was going to install the phone and internet services. I had booked it a month ago, when I found out our new address. I had even phoned them two days ago to confirm it, which they did. So when I rang them at 4pm to find out why I hadn’t been called yet, I was dumbfounded when they told me the technician hadn’t been booked, and I would need to wait at least 2 weeks before they could book one.

They couldn’t explain why it had been confirmed, when it hadn’t actually been booked. I asked them that they need to get someone to come out immediately. They told me that it would take 2-3 weeks to get that to happen.

THAT’S WHY I BOOKED THIS A MONTH AGO! I said angrily! But alas, there was no resolution.

So I rang another company, one of the biggest in the country, to see if they could get me connected quickly. That started off ok too, with lots of talk and agreements about being connected within an hour. However, it turned out that the phone line at our new house wasn’t connected with them, and so they’d need to send a technician out to do it.

That would take around 2 weeks….

So I gave them my details anyway, to see if I could get the ball rolling. Then they discovered I owed them some money.


“You have a bill here for a phone account that you still owe $1050 on.”

It turned out that back in 1999, I was an authorised contact for the business I was working for, and therefore my name was ‘associated’ with an unpaid bill. Because they couldn’t get in touch with the owner 8 years ago, now that I’ve called them they would like me to pay the bill before they would organise to connect my phone.

I wondered why I challenge myself so much (eg. the Law of Attraction). I really do wonder.

So I verbally slapped some sense into the person I was talking to. Why the hell would I be responsible for paying a bill that wasn’t mine, simply because I was listed as a contact for the business that owed it? They spoke to their manager and then advised me that because it was from 8 years ago, they’d “do me a favour” and wipe it clean, allowing me to set up a new phone account with them.

Do me a favour? Wow, I feel so honoured…

So then I was on hold for 30 minutes, waiting to talk to a sales person who would set my account up. By this time it was 5:30pm. I was supposed to have finished work at 4:30pm…. I gave up, hung up and went home, sad that I’d be without internet at home again, until I could get something sorted. I’ll have to try again on Monday. Very annoying!

After organising some stuff to go to the new house, I picked Deidre up and we went out to dinner with some friends at our favourite restaurant where the food is excellent.

It was then that I bit my tongue off.

I’ve never bit my tongue so hard before that it felt like the tip of it had come off. I could taste the blood coming out. My friends scoffed at my complaints (a bit like Mel scoffed about my stubbed toe, until I showed her a photo) so I stuck my finger in my mouth and pulled it out red with blood. They shut up after that. So did I.

I couldn’t eat, my tongue was too sore. So this lovely meal, which I only got one mouthful out of, sat there in front of me, taunting me with its availability… so close, and yet so far.

It was great to finally get into bed after coming home and doing more packing.

More on the house moving coming later.

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