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The pain, the pain!

It’s the pain of not having the internet that I’m complaining about right now. It feels like I’m living in the past or something, where there’s no internet. I feel out of touch, like the world is moving on without me, and I’m missing out on something.

I guess that’s what happens when a great deal of your life is spent on the net, and then suddenly you don’t have it any more.

I’m writing blog posts with MarsEdit (which I was forced to buy the other day, ’cause the trial ran out and I couldn’t find a crack. Dammit!), saving them as local drafts, and will then upload them when I get access to the net again. That will either be when I go to Peter’s place, where one of his neighbours has an open wireless connection, or go into Pancake Parlour at some stage, for the free wireless there.

There’s also the pain of moving. It’s now 6:3pm on Saturday. We got up around 7:30am this morning, and we have been in non-stop moving mode. Finishing the packing, directing the movers to load it all onto the truck, then travel to the new house where I directed them where to unload it. Then back to the old house to pick up all the stuff that wasn’t loaded onto the truck. It filled two large cars.

Then we took it back to the new house, after doing a last once-over of the old place. I left the fountain going, ’cause I think it’s supposed to be going in order to freshen the water in the pond. It’s become a bit black over the months we’ve been there. *shrug*

It was a little sad seeing the place empty. We really liked that place, and were really angry that we had to move on. But so be it.

All afternoon we’ve been unpacking and setting up the new house. Our new home. And now I’m very, very tired. Man, I’m glad we got the movers in. I think we’d both be dead by now if we had to do it all ourselves.

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