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What it means to be a psychic empath

A long, long time ago, I used to be psychic. What I mean by this is I was psychic until I gave it up. I decided I didn’t want to be psychic any more, and so I blocked what abilities I had. But psychics are sensitive to energy from other people, and even though I can block the information I might get from the sensitivity to the energy, I can’t block the energy. As a result, I’m still affected by that energy.

Psychic empathy is the ability to sense the feelings and emotions of other people, without those people telling you what they’re thinking or feeling. People who are sensitive to this can often find themselves feeling drained and exhausted after being around other people.

Many introverts are sensitive to the feelings of others, and are overwhelmed by those feelings. They can feel exhausted when hanging out in a shopping centre or in crowds of people at concerts. They’re being bombarded by the energy of the people around them, and it’s exhausting. They have psychic empathy.

Psychics, however, take it to a whole extra level. They’re sensitive to the energy around them, whether that includes people or just the environment they’re part of. They’re sensitive to a person’s feelings, thoughts, and even experiences – in the past and in the future. Imagine that sensitivity exposed to a room full of people, all energetically shouting out their thoughts, feelings, fears and issues relating to their past and their future experiences. That’s a lot of energy to be sensitive to!

It’s why I don’t like parties, and mixing with people I don’t know.

But there’s something about being with people I DO know – I’ve gotten used to being around their energy. I’ve gotten used to just accepting it, even ignoring it. But if I have to take in the energy of people I don’t know – especially a lot of them – that’s something that drains me like you wouldn’t believe.

After most days at work I’d come home completely exhausted. It’s not like I’d be doing anything that’s so mentally and physically draining, but I’d be completely drained. Of course, I’d say that my work was draining – but it was really the people that I had to work with.

It’s easy to shield yourself when you don’t have to interact with people. I can sit in a concert arena or a shopping centre and LOVE it, because I know how to shield myself from all those random interactions of people coming and going into and out of my energy field. I don’t allow their energy to affect me.

But it’s not so easy to shield yourself from the energy of people that you have to interact with. All interaction is, energetically, an opening of your own energy to theirs, a sharing of each other’s energy so that you can communicate together.

You can’t interact with people without becoming part of their own energy. Communication with a person happens on more levels than just sitting and talking in the same room, and if their energy is filled with drama, then you become part of their drama energy too.

I often used to run requirements gathering workshops for over a dozen people, sometimes up to 30 people. I dreaded it. Can you imagine what that would be like to someone who is sensitive to energy, but needing to connect with people’s energy in order to listen to them, understand them, and relay back to them what I’m hearing?

It’s a nightmare for someone who is so sensitive to the energy at work in such interactions.

But now about the empathy….

I wrote earlier in my blog post, If it’s not working, change it, about how people with Aspergers Syndrome have no empathy:

As someone with Aspergers Syndrome, it’s difficult for me to feel empathy with others. I can empathise with other people’s experiences if it matches my own experience, because at least I have some knowledge of how that feels.

But I can’t empathise with people who are feeling something outside of my own experience. And I can’t write about it either. I can’t write in such a way that I appeal to a great majority of people, because I can only write about what I’ve experienced. And most people have different experiences, and different feelings, all of which are outside of my own.

It got me exploring about empathy, because I know I do have empathy – but it’s only towards people who I can relate to, or who I know very well. It got me wondering. Do I have an inability to have empathy for people I don’t know, or am I instead choosing to block my empathy for people I don’t know?

One thing led to another, and before you know it my research on empathy led me to reading about being a psychic empath, which inspired me to write this blog post.

After researching it, there’s actually quite a difference between having empathy for people, and being a psychic empath:

  • Having empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.
  • Having psychic empathy is the ability to feel what others are feeling.

Understanding what someone might be feeling is not the same as FEELING what they’re feeling. So for me, being a psychic empath has no bearing on my inability to have empathy for people’s experiences outside of my own.

I’m glad I’ve worked that out and come to an understanding about it.

Anyway, my research today has resulted in me deciding that I need to join a spiritual group of some kind here in Melbourne. I think it’s time I returned to my spiritual practices, relearning things that I’ve forgotten, and refining my psychic abilities.

There’s a part of myself I gave up about 18 years ago, and I’ve been blocking it ever since. I wonder if I’ve also been blocking a significant part of my life that I should be returning to.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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