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You are nothing, you are everything

This article is submitted by my good friend Peter Hagerty, who is my first guest author on this blog. If you would like to be a guest author as well, please contact me.

If you are like most people you have a sneaking suspicion that both are true. To you, you are everything but often we feel that to others we are nothing. We deeply desire valuing ourselves and sharing that value with others.

You are important. Everyone has come far in their life, whether by accomplishing amazing things or by enduring difficulty.

It’s firstly about knowing who you are and finding the incredible value you have. Then your next step is to confirm that deep worth by seeing it, by sharing it, by enjoying it in a way that truly means something to you.

Everyone else exists to help you confirm your worth and see it in action. Your true infinite value is made real when you share it in a way that is deeply meaningful to others.

Would you love to feel such generosity of spirit that all you wanted to do was share everything inside you with everyone you loved? Imagine if everyone felt this way. Would we have lack? Would we have poverty? Would we have suffering to the extent that we do now?

It all starts with you. You are the one who can make the change. You have incredible power inside you, power to change the world by changing yourself. The change is not about being someone you are not. The change is not about becoming someone you never could be. The change is not about pretending. The change is about being you. Being you in an inspiring way, a way that others will value and appreciate you for.

You are part of a greater plan. While you deny your part you will feel that you are nothing. When you accept your part you will feel that you are everything. Everyone wants to be part of something greater. The greatness that you feel inside you is a desire for connection.

You can only truly connect with others by being who you truly are. It’s easier said than done, but if saying it was all that was needed, it would be no fun. Discovering yourself is an adventure. You have no idea what you are capable of, you have no idea how much you can bring to the world. What is amazing about you is a hidden treasure. All people are like this, all people, everywhere.

Being who you truly are may be easier said than done but it begins with words. It begins with telling yourself that you are worth it. There may be no proof, in fact there probably won’t be. There may be no reason, in fact there probably won’t be. There might be no support from those around you. There may be no guarantee, in fact, there never is. There may be a million reasons you are not worth it and in the end they are all meaningless.

The suspicion that you are not worth it makes you want to do something to defy reason. All those reasons you are not worth it are there to make you declare that you are worth it. The noise in your head that doubts you and criticizes you may become strangely silent when you make your declaration. What you want to do is your own special thing. It’s your own special way of showing your worth. When you find it, nothing will stop you.

Your first step is known to you. You can try to pretend you don’t know what it is but in a moment you will lose that excuse. Your first step toward your destiny is the same as everyone else. Discover your destiny. Declare you are worth it. Your life will never be the same. Speak it now.

“I am worth it. I am uncovering my destiny. When I find my destiny I will humbly and powerfully fulfill it.”

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