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I’ve noticed that I get a bunch of regular visitors who keep coming back, and who don’t use RSS feeds to keep up to date with new posts. For you, I’ve implemented ‘Subscribe via email’.

Enter your email address into the email field on the left (you might have to scroll down slightly to see it) and then click on Subscribe. A popup box will appear that will ask you to type in some text and then verify.

You will then receive an email requesting that you verify your subscription. Once you’ve done that, you will be set up to receive new posts via email, thus saving you the trouble of having to come back to the site and possibly missing some posts.

I know some of you are definitely missing posts, because you’re not browsing through the posts that were written since you last visited, and all you’re seeing is what’s on the front page. So do yourself a favour and subscribe. You know you want to!

Please note that your email address will not be sold to spammers or given out to anyone else. Thank you.

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