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You can change the world

We hear all the time about how we can change the world if only we smiled more and brightened someone’s day. It’s true though.

Think about it – someone is walking along, minding their own business, thinking about how miserable their life is, and how they just want to kill someone. Truth be told, they’re already planning how to kill their husband / wife / boss / neighbour in such a way that no one will ever know.

And then you come along and smile and tell them how great their dress / tie / car / holster is, and suddenly they feel good about themselves. They smile back. They stand up a bit straighter. Their walk is a bit bouncier. They see the sun peeking through the trees, and they realise the colours are spectacular.

And they decide not to kill the person they were planning on killing. They decide to do that another day. Maybe.

You’ve just changed the world with your smile. With your greeting. With your compliment.

Where a murder was about to happen, you’ve done something to prevent it. Where someone was going to ruin their life by taking someone else’s, you saved them both.

You didn’t know this, of course. All you did was smile, and offer a cheerful greeting to someone that looked like they needed it.

And that’s how you changed the world.

We do this every day, in so many different ways. We never know the effect we have on other people, and how we can change their lives.

But we need to do more of it. That’s how we can all change this world.

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