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Keep getting up

One of the biggest secrets to success – don’t stop. Keep going. When you fall over, keep getting up, and keep doing it. Eventually you’ll achieve success, because it always comes to those who don’t quit.

Most people fail because they give up. They stop doing it. They don’t get up any more.

You have to keep getting up. You have to keep going. No matter what. If you keep getting up when others don’t, you’ll be the only one everyone notices. You’ll be the one still doing it, and being noticed for it, when others have given up and disappeared in the distance behind you.

When you were a baby and learning how to walk, you didn’t understand the meaning of giving up. You kept trying. No matter how many times you fell over and hurt yourself, you kept on getting up. You kept on going.

And then one day you could walk. One day you could run. And one day you could dance. And you’ve been getting better at it ever since.

When you were a baby, you knew the secret.

Keep getting up. Keep going. Don’t ever stop.

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