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Christmas Holiday Itinerary

Deidre and I will be travelling around parts of Australia for a month, and this is our itinerary.

Saturday 10 Dec

Wellington 6am – Sydney 7:40am
Sydney 1:45pm – Adelaide 3:20pm
(Notes: while in Adelaide, will be staying with Deidre's dad and catching up with the following people: Phillip and Stephen (my brothers), Simon and Ben (friends I haven't seen for over a decade), and Jocelyn, a friend of Deidre's.)

Sunday 11 Dec
Xmas party at Deidre's dad's

Tuesday 13 Dec
Renting a car and driving to Berri, to visit my parents

Wednesday 14 Dec
Driving back to Adelaide

Friday 16 Dec
Adelaide 12pm – Sydney 2:25pm
Renting a car and driving to Canberra
(Notes: while in Canberra, will be staying with James and Kylie, and catching up with the following friends of mine: Peter C, David G, David O, Nick, Darlene, and Damien. Very disappointed not to be catching up with my friend Mel, but she'll be in Perth at the time.)

Friday 23 Dec
Driving back to Sydney, dropping off car and then staying overnight at Novotel, Darling Harbour.

Saturday 24 Dec
Catching train to Wollongong, to stay with Deidre's mum.

Sunday 25 Dec
Christmas Day. Party of some kind with Deidre's family

Monday 26 Dec

Tuesday 27 Dec
Catching up with my friend Dan, staying overnight.

Wednesday 28 Dec
Deidre returns to Wollongong to stay with her mum, I'm staying with Dan.

Friday 30 Dec
Deidre rejoining me, catching up with my friend Peter H, staying overnight.

Saturday 31 Dec
New Year's Eve. Catching up with Deidre's friends David and Celeste, staying overnight.

Sunday 1 Jan

Relaxing. Return to Wollongong?

Tuesday 3 Jan
I'm leaving Sydney 6:05pm to Wellington 11:15pm. Will be seen off at the airport by Deidre and Dan. Deidre's staying at her mum's.

Saturday 7 Jan
Deidre leaves Sydney 6:05pm to Wellington 11:15pm.

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