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Holiday Itinerary – Maps of Australia

Just for the geographically unaware 😉 here is some maps of our travels.

Map 1: Australia
This map shows the general travel paths we're taking. The blue dotted line is the flight between Sydney to Adelaide and back again. The red solid line is the driving that will be done.

Map 2: South Australia
Driving from Adelaide to Berri, and back again. If you look north of Adelaide, you can see Pt Augusta and Quorn, which I talked about here.

Map 3: New South Wales
Driving from Sydney down the coast via Ulladulla (just north of Batemans Bay, where we head inland to Canberra). Ulladulla is where my good friend Kath lives, who we'll be dropping in on. We may be doing that on the way down, or on the way back. That's uncertain at this stage.

Map 4: Global location of Australia and NZ
For the forementioned geographically unaware (hi chance! :)), this shows you where Australia and NZ are in the world. Please note that NZ is not an island of Australia, just like Cuba is not an island of America.

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