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Tag clouds with del.icio.us

If you click on the Categories 'button' to the right there, you'll see the del.icio.us tag cloud that I have. This is a different way of showing categories, by sorting them as tags. When you click on any of the links in the tag cloud, you'll go to the del.icio.us website where you'll be able to see all my pages that are tagged with whatever you've chosen. Over to the right of this new page you'll see my full tag cloud again. The red tag is the tag you're looking at. The green tags are other tags (and content) associated with the one you're looking at.


(I was hoping to show my Blink List tag cloud, but del.icio.us came out with it first. One day Blink List might bring it out, and then I'll change the tag cloud to theirs.)

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