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Fun and roleplaying

I'm sitting here at Starbucks with Deidre.  I think that sitting in Starbucks, drinking a Chai Latte and watching the people go by, has become another hobby of mine.  I used to do something like it with my friend Scot, back in Canberra.  Now I do it with Garry, a friend of mine here, or Deidre.  It's fun and relaxing.  Enjoyable.

She's sitting opposite me, working out the personality and description of the character she's playing in Dungeons & Dragons.  Did I mention she's joined me in that each Monday night?  She's playing a 4th level fighter called Narwen.  I WAS playing a 3rd level fighter, a knight in training, but he died.  His days ended when he became a pincushion for a whole bunch of arrows fired by lizard men.  Sad   I have a new character now, called Taerraent.  He's a 2nd level Gnome Sorceror.  I went to a lot of effort last week with a character history I created for it.  Basically, he was a very powerful, somewhat evil, sorceror.  He was hunted and captured by powerful people of the church, one of which was a Paladin, a holy knight with special God-given powers.  Instead of killing Taerraent for his evil ways, the Paladin organised a ritual done that had his God give Taerraent another chance of living a GOOD life, to atone for what he did during his 'old' life.  So Taerraent had this God tell him he's got a second chance, and then he woke up where the party was.  Reduced from a powerful 18th level sorceror down to 2nd level, and with a hazy memory about his past.  The enjoyable challenge for me is to play an evil character trying to do good this time around.

I've attached a photo of Deidre and I, taken on Friday 1st.  We went to a party organised by her workplace, as their 5th birthday.  This photo was taken during the dinner.  I think it's a nice one of her and I.  So now you get to see her too.



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