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Offering your skills as a gift

I’ve become really excited and drawn into the concept of offering my web design services as a gift to people who want a website designed for them. I wrote about it a couple of days ago in Giving away websites as gifts, and since then I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

I was talking with a friend today about joining them in offering IT project services to clients here in Melbourne. They can do project management and technology development, and I can do business analysis. I talked about offering my services to them as a business analyst as a gift – with no expectation of a particular price in exchange for my services, but with the idea that if my service is of value then they can provide me with a gift of money that is a reflection of what my service is worth to them.

They talked about how they needed to provide a cost to potential clients that includes my participation, and I said whatever they want to talk about with the client is up to them. I don’t care. I’m just happy providing them with a service as my gift to them and their efforts, and they can gift me whatever they want in return.

They got excited. They want to talk to me tomorrow about moving forward with their plans in some way.

It makes me wonder what else we can offer to the world as a gift. What services can we provide people that we can give to them as a gift?

What can you do for people that you could offer as a gift?

Most people will appreciate something that someone does for them. Most people will be grateful for what they’re given, and most people will repay that gratitude in some way.

Instead of formalising arrangements with an exchange of money for your services, maybe you could consider developing relationships with people instead, and finding out how you can help them with your gifts, and appreciate whatever it is they can give you in return.

They’ll love you for it. And you’ll feel great about yourself and what you’re doing for people. And this will provide you with greater rewards than you could possibly imagine.

I got a new web design client yesterday after talking to them about offering my services as a gift to them. I think I could get a lot more work from this new model, and if they love what I do for them, they can give me a gift in return – even if that gift is enthusiastic referrals to their friends or acquaintances about how they should use my services too.

But I’m serious with my question above – what could you do for people that you can give them as a gift? How can you help others in this world without worrying about having them pay you a fixed price for it?

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