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Making the commitment to move

As I wrote in my last post, my wife and I have decided that we’re going tomake the move to Melbourne. That was Sunday night. Since then we’ve created a draft list of the stuff we’re going to be selling or keeping, and based on that draft, I’ve already sought quotes from a few furniture movers. Things are looking positive that it’s not going to be as expensive as I thought it might.

This is definitely good, but it’s also going to be inexpensive for us because we’re not just going to be taking much with us! We’ll just be taking the bare minimum stuff that we need and which is too expensive to repurchase.

Everything else is going to be sold or given away. We’ll buy new stuff when we get to Melbourne, that we want to replace anyway.

It’s a good thing that neither Fanfan or I are packrats. We just don’t have much stuff, which is fantastic. It means packing up and moving is that much easier.

I’ve been looking for work since October last year, but it’s been a tough time. There’s been no work and too many people looking for the same jobs that I’ve been looking for. I’ve been looking in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. But as of last night I gave up looking in Canberra and Sydney and decided to just completely focus on Melbourne.

I spoke to a Melbourne recruitment agent yesterday that I was referred to by one of my regular contacts here in Canberra. They looked at my CV and suggested some changes to it, so it would be more applicable and acceptable to a Melbourne market.

I was pretty excited by that. I’m aware that different areas have different ways of doing things, but she was the first agent to actually give me some feedback about how to improve my CV based on the area.

So I redid it and sent it off to her last night. I also got rid of my job alerts for Canberra and Sydney, and enhanced the alerts for Melbourne.

With this 100% focus on Melbourne (instead of 33% focus on each of Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne), I hope to get a contract down there in the next few weeks. That way I can go there and start working asap, and work it so that my accommodation down there is paid for by my employer, while I take the opportunity to find somewhere more permanent.

I feel good about this. I think things are going to be really exciting, regardless of how things work out.

The commitment has been made, and events are moving forward to make it happen. In a very short time I’ll be living in Melbourne.

The 7 year cycle

I was speaking to my wife about the changes in my life which seem to work on a 7 year cycle, beginning back in 1978.

Back then, my family moved to Pt Augusta in South Australia. I was there for 7 years until we moved on in 1985, after I finished high school.

During the next 7 years I had a chaotic time growing up, trying to find myself. I left home in ’88 and moved to Adelaide, South Australia. I was there until 1992, when I moved to Canberra – 7 years after I’d left Pt Augusta.

I was in Canberra for 7-ish years before moving to New Zealand in 2000. And I was in New Zealand for 7 years before moving back to Canberra in 2007.

And now it’s 2014, 7 years later, and I’m moving to Melbourne.

It’s quite fascinating how the cycle happens every 7 years. I’m wondering where I’ll be moving to in 2021….

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