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Job interview

I have an interview this coming Friday for the position of Team Leader. đŸ˜€

This was my application, just to share with you…

To whom it may concern

I am applying for the position of Team Leader on the Service Desk, as recently vacated by […]. I believe I am suited for this position for the following reasons:

  • I have been with [the company] for 5 and a half years, having spent 4 of those years on the Service Desk as an analyst and senior analyst.
  • I have been responsible for providing training material for [the company] on the [new intranet], when it was being implemented, using my skills of documentation and implementation.
  • I have spent all of 2005 so far as a Systems Administrator…, maintaining and administrating internal systems. This has given me a detailed familiarity with the processes going on behind the scenes concerning the Service Desk and internal support.
  • In the latter part of the year so far I have learnt and been responsible for [VOIP (Voice Over IP)] administration and support, giving me a detailed familiarity of how this works in relation to the Service Desk's requirements.
  • In the past year I have been involved with client implementations, understanding the processes involved in bringing new clients into the Service Desk, and bringing about successful implementations with the Service Desk and the intranet.
  • I have seen the need for having greater communication with service desk-only clients and taken the initiative to bring about processes to help that happen, showing an ability to see a client relationship problem and try to fix it using service delivery management.
  • I have had management experience previous to my time in [the company], which has helped me understand the value of building successful relationships amongst staff, and performance management to meet company expectations.
  • Throughout my time in [the company] I have been a team player, providing information and documentation where needed, encouraging and assisting those around me to be team players, and mentoring some people to find ways of performing better.

My reason for wanting the position of Team Leader is:

  • I know I can be of value as a Team Leader, as the Service Desk staff already know me and seem to respect my skills and authority as a more senior member of the service desk staff.
  • My interest in IT has been more aligned with relationship management around technological requirements, thus my interest in service delivery management and client implementations. I believe that being a Team Leader within the Service Desk would be an ideal next step for my personal and career development in an area of great interest to me. This results in a win-win situation for both myself and [the company].

I have a passion for helping people develop better relationships, with each other, with management and with clients. I believe that if people are happier where and how they work, and able to communicate better and freely, they will perform better. For this and all the above reasons, I feel I am the ideal candidate for this position.

Since all my relevant experience and abilities over the past 5 years within [the company] are already known by my immediate management, I felt a CV may be irrelevant to this application and therefore did not attach it. However, I can provide one if it is required.

Kind regards…

I've got an interview, so it impressed them enough to get me that far. We'll see how things go after that.

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