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The migration back to cPanel is complete

Some time ago I got excited about self-hosting on Linux VPSs (virtual private servers). I got so excited that I transferred all my hosting to self-hosting solutions on my own servers. But then the pain began.

There was a huge learning curve associated with learning how to keep a Linux server operational that was hosting my most important site (this one). At first I was excited. A lot. But then it just became annoying.

I wanted to focus on building my blog, not keeping servers operational. It was a direction that I ended up being unhappy with. I didn’t enjoy having to (choosing to) get up at 1am to reboot the server (a lot easier and faster than logging into the server with VMWare Workstation to restart services…) because I received a notification it was down…

So the solution was to return to shared hosting on Apache servers using cPanel for backend domain and website administration.

I know, I know – technical mumbo jumbo stuff. But at least it was technical stuff that I was familiar with and was skilled with. There was no (not much of a) learning curve. I could just do what needed to be done, and get back to what was important to me – writing.

Although lately, it’s not just writing that’s important. It’s also web design.

So I need backend servers that are just going to work, that are maintained by someone else so that I don’t have to worry about them, but with an administration interface that allows me to setup and manage multiple websites simultaneously, without any issues.

Ah, it’s good to be back where I used to be. It feels… comfortable.

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