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Back home from the holiday

It was a brief holiday my wife and I had, traveling up to Sydney yesterday for the Bruce Springsteen concert, staying overnight, and coming back home today. Just like the concert was, it was a wild and wonderful ride.

We caught up with a good friend of mine, who’s been a very good friend since I met him in August last year.

I met a very friendly fella at the restaurant tonight. He’s a regular there, he was there last night too (it’s a good restaurant, I went back to it tonight), and we got to talking. Very interesting conversations for almost a couple of hours.

As a result of all those very interesting conversations we shared, for hours every night, he and I became so close that I invited him to my wedding, and it was my honour that he was able to attend.

And then I was honoured that he was also able to attend my birthday a month later, in late November.

It’s rare to find someone in your life that you can establish a strong and immediate connection with, but when you do, you really should treasure them. I certainly do.

We had lunch yesterday, and it was great to catch up. After lunch, Fanfan and I went to our nearby hotel and checked in, chilling out a bit before heading off around 5pm to the venue where we’d be seeing Bruce Springsteen.

It was less than a year ago when I saw him last, when he last played in Sydney. To have him return only 11 months later is just… well, it’s just awesome.

I’m too tired to talk about it as I’m writing this. I’ll write up a review over the weekend to go along with THE TWO HOURS OF VIDEO I FILMED OF HIS CONCERT!

Oh my.

As I discussed in my post, I’ll be seeing Bruce Springsteen in less than 2 weeks, I was going to be taking my ‘better-than-my-smartphone’ camera:

This time around I’ll take my super-zoom camera and see if I can get some better photos than I did last time, when I used my phone.

I didn’t take any photos. I took video instead. I think about two hours of video.

I managed to get all of his songs that he sang on video, but not ALL of those songs. Some songs I recorded all of, others I just recorded some of. Unfortunately, I ran out of space on the SD card halfway though his very final song, Dream Baby Dream, which I thought was sad, but I was happy it didn’t run out halfway through the concert….

One of the things about Bruce Springsteen is that he puts his very soul into his music and his singing. It’s very much apparent when you see him live. And he’s been doing this since he started in 1972.

We got home (the hotel) from the concert and into bed by about 1:30am. We woke up this morning around 8, checked out of the hotel and went to a nearby cafe for a coffee and croissant. The weather was lovely, nice and sunny and a pleasant temperature. A nice change from the torrential downpours yesterday.

After breakfast we went off to Bondi, where I took some lovely photos and my wife enjoyed a swim in the Icebergs Pool.

I’ll share some of the photos later too, in their own post. Not tonight. Need to write this and then sleep the sleep of the dead.

Why the sleep of the dead? Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but after the Bondi trip, we went somewhere else in Sydney and caught up with one of Fanfan’s old friends from China and had lunch with them for a couple of hours, and then drove back to Canberra for three hours.

As soon as we got back, we had to freshen up and go out to dinner with another friend.

And now it’s 11pm, and I’m so tired. But you’re important to me. So I needed to write to you to give you an update. I hope you appreciate it.

“Why are holidays so short?”

That’s what my wife asked me today, when she was talking about how she was sad that we had to go home after our brief two day holiday in Sydney.

And of course I had to describe that during our brief holiday, I was still ‘working’. I did a brief amount of web design work in the hotel room yesterday, and I had a call with my client today about some of the templates – and I was working while we were on holiday.

I explained that today, we were living my dream. To be able to travel, enjoy ourselves, see the sights, relax, experience new and wonderful things, while relaxing, and while still working at the same time.

Today we were living my dream. And I want to continue finding and creating opportunities to make that dream a reality.

Time for sleep. Goodnight!

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