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I’m in the freelance web design business now

As a result of my success with the web design proposal last week and getting my first client, I spent most of the weekend working on a professional website to promote myself and my web design services. I’m excited to have it completed and ready for action!

This is what it looks like:


I invite you to go have a look for yourself. Press some buttons and have a look around:

Web Design 4 You

Something shifted in me tonight after completing this.

I was looking at my profile on LinkedIn, considering how to modify it for my new web design information. I was looking at all the entries of my past 6 years as a Business Analyst working for various corporations and Federal Government agencies, and I was thinking about continuing to do that, compared to throwing myself into being a web designer and content creator.

I felt sick. I felt… apprehensive. I didn’t want to do it, to go back to being a Business Analyst, to be part of the corporate machine again. It burns my soul.

Barry Morris, this is your fault, you and your damn corporate opt out

Thank you. 🙂

We can go through life doing the things that make sense, that make us the most money, that keep other people happiest – at the expense of our own happiness.

Or we can do what our heart tells us is the right thing for us to do, that makes us happy and excited to think about.

I started getting rid of all the details on LinkedIn about the Business Analyst stuff that I’ve been doing. I got rid of all the details about the tech support stuff that I did before that. And I inserted more of the work that I’ve done as a Web Designer in the past.

With that action, a change occurred in me, and in my life. The nervousness I initially felt when I started deleting everything that had been so important to me began to vanish along with the content I was deleting.

(How the hell did I get those 500+ contacts in LinkedIn, from people I don’t know and never talked to? Delete-delete-delete….)

I was letting go of the past in a big way, changing everything, to make room for the future. I’m a freelance web designer now, and I’m going to embrace it.

Of course, if someone offers me a Business Analyst contract in Melbourne, and I haven’t earned a lot of money from web design yet, then I’m likely to take it. I’ve got responsibilities that need to be catered to. My soul can keep burning until the web design business truly takes off.

But I feel excited about what’s going on right now. It’s possible I might never be a Business Analyst again. That makes my heart sing with joy.

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