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Christmas Holiday

We’re planning on doing a bit of an adventure over Christmas… a long adventure. Should be plenty of photos at least!

It’ll start on the 24th December, when we drive to Berri in Sth Australia for xmas with my family. On the 25th December we’ll drive to Adelaide for xmas with Deidre’s dad. On the 26th December we’ll drive up to Port Augusta to see where I grew up. That should be interesting… On the 28th December we’ll drive back to Berri, where we’ll stay overnight before heading back to Canberra on the 29th December.

Here’s the route (click on it to enlarge):


We may be picking up some friends in Adelaide, who are flying over from NZ for a holiday. That’s yet to be finalised, but if we do, they’ll be accompanying us to Port Augusta, and joining us on our adventure to see some of Australia. They’ll be coming back with us to Canberra and spending a week there before heading off to Perth for a while and then on to some other country…

Updates will be provided as plans are organised or changed.

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