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200 Words

I was reminded this morning of a blog post I wrote back in 2015, 200 Crappy Words. I’ve been struggling with writing this past couple of years, and reading that post reminded me of how to overcome writers’ block. Just 200 words. That’s all it takes. Every day.

Well, I’m not sure I’ll have the time or the motivation to do it every day, what with having a baby now, who takes up a lot of my spare time when I’m not working.

As an example, on Sunday I was looking after Amelia from about 4:30am through to 2pm, trying to let Fanfan get some reasonable sleep on Mother’s Day. And then she went out shopping for a few hours. She was thankful, and my bum was sore from sitting on the couch for 10 hours trying to settle Amelia who couldn’t stop whinging, shitting, and feeding…. Finally, she fell asleep around 2pm and I went to play a computer game for a few hours.

That’s the kind of thing that really drains a person, day after day. And my wife has it even worse, because that’s a normal thing for her to do every day, while she tries to look after Amelia by herself each night so I can get some sleep and be alert for work each day. I’m usually looking after Amelia in the evening after work and early morning before work, so Fanfan can get some rest here and there. But we know that’s the life of a new parent, so it’s all good.

But then try to write as well?

It’s a struggle, but I’m working on that.

And after all that I’m now at 280 words. 282 words. 284 words….

Ok, I’m off. I’ve done my 200+ words today. See you tomorrow, maybe. 😊

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