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New website is coming

I was advised today by my website hosting provider that due to pricing changes with cPanel, my website hosting costs are going to be increasing by about 25% per month, for all the websites I’m currently ‘self-hosting’ via this provider.

I don’t want to pay an extra 25% for websites that aren’t actually earning me any money, so I’m going to be making some changes. I’ll be moving websites on to the WordPress.com platform where they’ll be hosted for free, while integrating my custom domains into their free website services.

Of course, I’ll need to look into this carefully though. If something is being provided to me for free, then I’m going to be the product that they’re selling to others. It’s the Golden Rule (which most people seem to forget).

So expect some changes with how this website might look in the near future. That’s the only change you’ll notice.

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