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Don’t stop blogging!

I received an email two days ago from a visitor that wanted to let me know they enjoyed some of my ‘perpetual traveling’ articles, and also said ‘don’t stop blogging!’ because its been a while since my last post.

And then yesterday another visitor started a conversation with me via Facebook to ask me questions and have a conversation with me about one of my ‘indigo’ articles.

SignsSigns come to us in all sorts of different ways, giving us tips on what we should be doing (or not doing) in our lives, and guiding us on to pathways that we could be following instead of the one we’re on. I saw those two events as a sign, and so here I am, updating my blog with another post.

Things have been… tiring since May, when I last wrote. Work was busy and I was doing 10 hour days during the week, and 4-6 hour days on weekends. Important stuff being developed and delivered for clients. I enjoyed it, but damn, probably the busiest in a job I’ve ever been in my life.

And then coming home after work for dinner and to help Fanfan look after Amelia… well, looking after new babies is also tiring, and so at the end of the night, when we finally got the baby off to sleep, there was just no emotional energy for me to even consider writing.

Things are easier now. Amelia is 6 months old in a few days, and she’s sleeping better. Less gas. Less fuss. Phew! And work is less busy. I’ve got a bit more time on weekends again. Yay!

I’ve been thinking about what to write. And then I get these 2 signs within a day of each other (I don’t usually get random visitors contacting me, but it’s great when they do), so I know I better write something.

So here’s something. A talk about why I’m writing this, and an update on how things are going in my life.

With the pandemic affecting the entire world, it’s been fascinating to watch. Australia’s had its share of lockdowns, so that travel is restricted. We’ve stayed locked down, working and with a new baby. We’re all fine, everything’s good. And maybe now I’ll have some more time to write.

I have thoughts and opinions and perspectives about things that are happening in the world. The US. Its election. Trump. So much to write about, really.

But you can also follow me on Twitter @TheWarriorSage. I’m often taking a couple minutes here and there to post to Twitter with some thought or observation. I’d love it if you joined me there too.

See you in the next post. 🙂

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