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Alternate realities

You’ve probably heard of ‘alternate realities’. They’re those realities that occur mostly in science fiction, but also in the realms of quantum physics. If you don’t know what they are, they’re simply realities just like ours, that exist in other dimensions. Or realities completely unlike anything we can imagine. We usuallly can’t see them, or detect them, because they’re a completely seperate reality to our own, and thus undetectable from within our reality.

When I say ‘usually can’t see them’, I’m alluding to my belief that when you see, feel or hear a ghost, you’re sensing something that exists in an alternate reality, a spiritual reality. I think that sometimes, other realities can mix in with our own.

I talked about how “there are as many realities as there are people on earth,” according to our individual perceptions. And then there’s the alternate realities that we create according to what we want – or told – to believe. Realities, for example, that have the war in Iraq over a couple months after it began (it’s still going), where WMDs were found (none were), where Saddam Hussein is incriminated in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people (the only deaths featuring in his trial are 148 who tried rebelling against him after the first Gulf War). And so on.

Alternate realities are not only matters of science fiction, quantum theories, and individual perceptions, they’re also realities created by beliefs. Or is that by propaganda?

Propaganda creates a ‘reality’ that, for those who believe everything they’re told, becomes real for them. It forms part of their reality, even though it’s an ‘alternate reality’. They argue in its favour, they’ll even fight to the death to maintain their version of reality.

Even if it’s wrong.

It’s a shame that so many people can’t understand that reality in any form is simply an illusion, shaped entirely by our perceptions and our beliefs. Reality is what we want to believe it is.

What do you believe reality is?

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