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When I was reading through the descriptions of How to spot the different MBTI types, I was a little curious about the fact that I seemed to be both INTP and INFP.

A long time ago I used to be INFP (The Healer) and then I found out I had changed to be INTP (The Architect). Interestingly, soon after my personality type changed, I became a business analyst – very analytical and logical. Quite a bit different to the sensitive feelings of the Healer.

It’s like I was avoiding my feelings or something, moving into being logical and analytical instead.

But as I’m looking at them now, I feel like I am both. I’m still the Thinking part, but I can also see where I’m the Feeling part.

I wonder if it’s because I’m going through another transition, taking on more of the INFP again as I transition away from the INTP.

I’ll be monitoring this over time.

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