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An archive of memories


I started work on changing the archive of my writing today. I’ve spent about 10 hours on it so far, and I’m probably only a third of the way through. What I’m doing is going through every single post and deciding if it’s relevant to my journey through life, and of a decent enough quality that it’s worth keeping. It’s been an amazing journey to go back through it all.

I’ve discovered that a significant theme in the years 1998 to 2005 (what I’ve completed so far) was my exploration of women, dating and relationships. I was a bit of a player for a while, which I still fondly remember, but it was fun reading about some of those experiences again. The secondary theme was sharing my spiritual insights and experiences. I did a lot more of that than I thought I did.

It’s been quite a ride, reading through the journey of my life and remembering so many things that I’d forgotten. One of the things that I also discovered, which saddened me, was that for a couple years after my experience with the crazy woman who tried to kill me 3 times, I didn’t really write much, and I didn’t take any photos. Or what photos I did take, I never published or saved any where. That’s the saddest part for me.

I also discovered that about 99% of the photos I published from 1999 to 2005 are now gone. Forever. Because I changed websites and platforms so many times, they were all lost during the transitions. Some of the photos were of precious experiences, and precious memories. I had a bit of an emotional moment at one of them, when I spent half an hour searching for a copy on my computer and in the cloud, but to no luck. All I’ve got now is what’s in my head, and that makes me sad.

What I’m doing is going through every single post I’ve ever written (over 1,500 of them) and listing them on a single page which will be called ‘The Best Of’, separated by year. I’ll try to complete it tomorrow.

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