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APEC security is awesome

Fake motorcade causes summit stir – CNN.com

Members of an Australian TV comedy show [“The Chaser’s War on Everything,”], one of them dressed as Osama bin Laden, drove through two security checkpoints Thursday before being stopped near the Sydney hotel where U.S. President George W. Bush is staying.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said the stunt proved security was working.

Really, that’s just ‘spin’.  If security was working, they simply would have not gotten through the very first checkpoint. 

What I find annoying about this is that instead of accepting it as a journalistic intervention to point out the flaws in the security, authorities hide their head in the sand in an attempt to convince themselves and the public that the security worked.

If the media crew were terrorists, getting to within 10 metres of Bush’s hotel would have been close enough to detonate a massive car bomb.  Or three of them, since it was 3 cars that got close enough.  I’m sure the damage would have been significant.

Would the authorities have said then that security was fine?

They should be thanking the media crew for pointing out how flawed the security was, and accepting it as an opportunity to make it better.  But instead, embarrassed and with egg on their faces, they claim there’s no problems and arrest the ones who showed them there was a problem.

Good on you ‘Chasers’.  If they don’t execute you first, keep up the good work!

UPDATE 6:30pm 7th September:
The latest news that I’m hearing is that security was so good that the crew were very much in danger of being shot by snipers on rooftops.

That’s just amazing. If security was so good, WHY DIDN’T THE SNIPERS FIRE!

Turns out that the ONLY reason the ‘security’ responded at all was because the crew stopped the cars and got out, and the actor dressed as Osama bin Laden paraded around and got the attention of security, who came over to question them.

What a joke.

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