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Back to where I used to be

So I’m working again, thankfully! But it’s in Canberra again. Not so good, since my home now is Melbourne, but at least it’s work. Did you know I’ve been 9 months without work? It’s been pretty hard, so it’s awesome that I’m working again.

It’s weird to be back in Canberra, working here again. When I left Canberra for Melbourne back in March, I didn’t think I’d be back here again. But now I’m back where I used to be, and doing the same thing I used to be doing – being a Business Analyst supporting ICT projects within the Australian Federal Government. This role is only for 4 weeks, but there’s the possibility it’ll be extended, so we’ll see.

I came up Thursday last week for an interview with a potential client on Friday. It went well and they wanted me to start straight away, so I stayed the weekend and started on Monday. Luckily I expected it to turn out well, so when I came up last week for the interview, I had brought with me everything I would need for the next month!

My wife came up from Melbourne today, to spend the next couple of days with me before going back home. And then we probably won’t see each other for about 3 weeks.

It’s so very good to feel her in my arms again. I missed her. And I’ll miss her again when she goes back home. But sacrifices sometimes need to be made to earn some money.

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