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Backing up your blog

Ever since I created this blog, I've been looking at how I can improve it in small ways. I added a subscription service, so that people can subscribe and receive new posts by email, instead of having to come to the site to check. I added small features in the code of the template, to make things look a little better or have more features (eg. 'Click here for more!' – which I decided not to use any more). I split my favourite blogs into different categories. I added links to all my other sites. And yesterday, I added a new Search feature, to allow visitors to search this site for any information they might want to be interested in.

All these are to enhance the site for visitors and for me, so that everyone is happy with it in some way.

I get bored with plain websites, and I like extra features and functionality. It makes it more interesting, and more becomes available through the use of such things. I'll be cointinuing the trend as time goes by and I find new features to add.

I just found a way of backing up the blog, just in case the website goes down or something catastrophic happens and all the entries are gone forever. If you want to know how to back up your blog, here's how I did it.

  • Go into the Settings of your blog, then go into Formatting.
  • Change the number of posts to Show more than however many posts you have. Eg. if your blog has 100 posts, then show 101 or more.
  • Click on Save Settings, and then Republish your blog.
  • View Blog and refresh the page if necessary.

All of your posts will show up on the front page of your blog. This is a single page, which will allow you to then easily do the following.

In your web browser click on File – Save As… Choose a location on your computer, maybe on your Desktop or your My Documents, where you have already created a new folder called 'Blog Backup' or whatever you want to call it. Save in that folder.

Your web browser will save your single blog page in that folder, along with a folder that holds any images you have published to your blog. This is your backup.

Should you lose your blog on the web, you will have a backup on your computer that will allow you to transfer your files back to a new blog. This won't save comments. It also won't allow you to quickly and easily transfer the entries back into a new blog. But it will allow you to keep a copy of your entries, and their times of publishing, so that you can copy and paste back into a new blog if necessary.

I'm hoping that Google, the owners of Blogger, will create an import/export or backup feature in the near future.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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