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Battlestar Galactica – season 2 finale

Well, I finally got around to seeing it. And loved it! As usual… Deidre was annoyed because I can’t immediately download the next episode… “Sorry, I’ll do that in 6 months, when it starts again.” Downloading only works when there are episodes to download…!

Anyway, it was good, it was awesome, but… it wasn’t as good an episode as the season 1 finale. It raised some questions though.

If you don’t want to read any more, then don’t! Save yourself the horrors of learning about it if 1) you’re just not interested, or 2) you’re yet to watch it and don’t want to spoil the surprises.

Now that we’ve gotten over those minor spoiler alerts, let’s continue.

What I want to know is…

1) What happened between Starbuck and Apollo over the previous ‘year’, that left them not talking? Do you think it was her marriage to “I’m so tough I can play football while I have pneumonia”?

2) What happened between Starbuck and Colonel Tigh to make them into such close friends, when they’d always been at each other’s throats?

3) Why was there no apparent investigation into how Baltar’s nuclear weapon was smuggled out of his science lab? Was there no security on a nuclear bomb??

4) If there’s only just over 39,000 people on New Caprica, and yet there’s still half the crews onboard the Battlestars, how many people are there normally onboard a Battlestar? How many people died in the nuclear blast that destroyed at least 3 or 4 fully laden ships?

5) If there’s so many people down on New Caprica, and have been for a year, why are there still people and crews onboard all the ships in the fleet, in order for them to jump away when the Cylons came?

6) Who is Admiral Adama’s XO now that Tigh’s on New Caprica?

7) What kind of lunacy would have Adama think that they wouldn’t need an operational fleet only a year after the Cylons broke off conflict? Has everyone lost their minds?

8) What happened to the two Cylons who were ‘priests’, after they announced the change of plans? Were they thrown out of the airlock?

9) How did that Cylon know where Starbuck’s husband was, in order to ask him where she was, if they only ust arrived?

10) Where did the fleet jump to?

11) If it took them so long to get to action stations, and then to prep for a jump, why couldn’t all military personnel have been recalled from the surface? Who’s been responsible for such idiotic contingency planning? (Or lack thereof.)

I’m sure there’s a few more questions that could be asked. Please ask them in the Comments. And if you think you have some answers to the above questions, please answer them! 🙂

I’ll be looking forward with great eagerness to having these questions explained in the show, when it returns…

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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