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Being psychic

A long time ago I used to be a practicing psychic, able to read people’s past and future. I had some reasonable success with this, including converting skeptics into believers when I told them things about their past that I couldn’t have possibly known. This was all about 18-20 years ago.

But I had a crisis of faith that caused me to doubt some of the information I was getting. I knew that most of it was correct, due to the successes I’d had, but I also felt that some of it might not be, because someone that was very important to me, that I thought was going to be with me forever, changed their mind. This is what shattered my faith in myself – if I was wrong about that, what else could I have been wrong with?

It would be quite a few years later that I went back over the information I’d received (I still have everything I wrote back then) and realized that we had planned to be together forever. But the plan had obviously changed, and I was upset because I just hadn’t accepted that.

One of the things that I learnt from my abilities is that the future is not set in stone. What a psychic might see for you today may very well change by tomorrow. It’s because all they see is what will happen in this moment, but as soon as you get new information that changes your choices, you change your future.

If I psychically see you doing something in the future, the very act of telling you about it changes your future, because now you have information that you didn’t before you came to see me. Knowing what can happen may change it from happening. Some of the things I saw for people ended up occurring as I saw it, while others didn’t occur at all or only part of what I saw ended up occurring. It was clear that the future was never certain.

But the uncertainty of my own future never occurred to me. I thought something was certain, and when it wasn’t, I freaked out and lost faith in myself. Pretty stupid, I know. I failed to apply to myself the same thing I had applied to others.

However, over the years I always knew that I should get back into it all, because it was something that lingered with me, something that’s never let go of me. Or maybe I’ve never let go of it…

When you know there’s a reality beyond the physical, there’s just no way you can turn your back on it. You can try to ignore it for a time, but you know it’s still there.

People have been coming into my life recently, doing their bit to inadvertently return my attention to being psychic, talking about it, and sharing the link we all have between the physical and the spiritual.

Seeing the new movie Hereafter yesterday was just another ‘sign’ in my life right now, pointing me in a particular direction, telling me to stop ignoring what I know I should be doing more of.

So I’m going to stop ignoring the underlying current to reality, and start embracing it again.

One of the ways I ignored it was to busy my mind with all manner of mentally challenging distractions. When the mind is still, it can connect with that underlying current, the energy that connects all of us. When you connect with that energy, all kinds of amazing things start happening.

I’m going to start meditating again, to still my mind and re-establish those connections. It should be quite a ride…

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