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I’ve just been thinking recently about what I’m doing with this blog, and the others that I’ve created and experimenting with. This blog, Life Through My Eyes, was an extension of my online journal and all those various topics that are of interest to me. Over the past few months, however, I’ve been creating other blogs for other reasons, mainly for more focused content, and exploring the value of those more specialised blogs. Some of the content I’ve been working with on this has been transferred over to their own blogs.

I realised last week that I’ve been creating a ‘blog network’, and now I’m looking at how I can take advantage of that too. Mainly by allowing each blog to focus on its own focused content, and yet each blog promoting the network, allowing people to move around amongst the blogs wherever their interests take them. I’ll be working on that concept over the next few weeks, developing it better than what it currently is.

Writing the recent Star Trek story on this blog has effectively made me realise that there’s too much unfocused content even on this blog. Instead of putting anything and everything on here, I have to remember what this blog is about. Life Through My Eyes. Therefore, stories, technology articles, news, politics, etc, will be on their own blogs from now on. I have a blog network, and each blog and its specialised content will be part of the network.

I’m returning this blog to its specialised content, mainly the spiritual and philosophical musings of life through my eyes. My apologies for the deviations over the past few months. I’ll be changing the format of this site in the next few weeks, probably only a little bit, to advertise the network and the various content available on them.

The network, like this blog used to be, will show the various interests and passions that I have. I hope you’ll subscribe (via RSS) to the various blogs that will be of interest to you. Thank you.

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