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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Deidre and I have been regularly watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Foxtel the past few weeks.  They’re all episodes that I’ve seen in the past, but Deidre hasn’t.  In fact, she hasn’t really watched Buffy ever before, so this has been a new experience for her which she’s discovered she thoroughly enjoys. 

So two days ago, after watching a few weeks of the fourth season that was showing, I told her that we’ll have to start watching it from the beginning, so that she gets to catch up on the origins of Buffy.  She agreed that would be a good idea.

The very next day we sat down to watch Buffy.  It was the first episode of season 1.  What the…?  I scanned Foxtel to see if they were showing further episodes of season 4, but they weren’t!

Looking on the internet I discovered that the episode we watched was actually the last episode of season 4, and so it seems that Foxtel have decided to start the show from the very beginning.

The day after I said we need to watch Buffy from the beginning.

I didn’t know we were watching the season finale.  I didn’t know they were starting afresh the very next day.

So did I create (step into) a reality where we could watch Buffy from the beginning, or did I somehow know that they were going to do exactly as I wanted?

What do you think?

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