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Caring for an injured bird

My cat, Eve, decided to give us a small gift yesterday, around 5pm. Or at least tried to. However, she was banished outside, while her gift, a small bird, was rescued and put into a tissue box on top of some tissues. While Eve was outside complaining about being deprived of her carefully chosen gift, I was inside monitoring the health of the bird.

I think it had a broken leg, and it’s tail had been ripped out. It was also probably suffering various internal injuries. It failed to pull through, however, and expired around 8pm.

I wrapped it up in the tissues and carefully placed it into the rubbish bin. There’s nowhere really to bury it around here, and besides, it’ll only be dug up again by Eve or another cat. So the bird went to the great Bird God of the Rubbish Dump.

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