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Coming of age

A few weeks ago Eve (my cat) went into heat for the first time, at about 9 months old. She's growing up! But oh, what a racket!

Very strange noises, sounding like, 'rrrrrraaaaaarrrrrrrgggaaaaahhhhh!' You sort of get used to it after a while – except when you go to bed. It just doesn't stop! So she was locked into the lounge room, which gave us some relief. It lasted for almost a week and then stopped, and the vet told me that I'd have to wait a couple weeks after it stopped before I could get her de-sexed.

So I got it done Friday last week.

De-sexed. There's another politically correct term that tries to hide the reality of what actually happens. They cut her open and rip her inside bits out! Isn't 'de-sexed' or 'speyed' really just words to prevent sensitive cat owners from thinking about the torture their cat is experiencing?

Yeh, yeh, I know. It's got a healthy purpose – it prevents the owners from throttling their cats! And last but not least, it prevents the cats themselves from bringing into this world MORE cats!

Sure, they're all cute and cuddly when they're born, but then THEY make those noises too! And the pain just starts all over again!

Not to mention that we really have to think about what kind of world we're bringing them into. Crime, violence, dangerous cars, guns… and that's just what cats worry about!

De-sexed. The answer to the problems of the world. The human problems. With cats. Isn't it funny how there's this huge encouragement for people to have pets, but there's an even bigger encouragement for them to be desexed.

What does it mean? Of course, it means to prevent them from getting pregnant or causing pregnancy.

But what it REALLY means is that there's a conspiracy to DESTROY all the cats of the world! Make them extinct! How can they breed and continue the family line when they're de-sexed!

Cats are a dying species, and we're killing them off, all in the name of caring for them.

What a world we live in, hey?

I'm just happy I don't have that noise in the house any more.

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