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Coming up with a business plan

In all my years as a Business Analyst, I’ve never done a Business Case. Until last week. Now I’m an expert at them. At least, according to my employers, I am. But it’s interesting to me that I’ve learnt about them at this moment in my life, because right now I’m considering a business idea.

It’s something that came to me while I was on holiday a month ago, and which has been festering in my mind ever since.

Providing home tutoring for the elderly on how to use productivity tools on their computers, as well as how to use the internet and social media.

I got a massage tonight from someone in her 50s, and I was talking about it with her. She loved the idea so much she wants to be my first customer.

She also agreed with me that there’s definitely a market out there of elderly people who’ve got no idea how to use their computers and social media to enhance their lives and keep in touch with loved ones.

So this festering idea is gaining strength.

I like the idea of also providing a subscription service that allows ‘free’ telephone tech support and advice, but if something requires a home visit to fix a problem or implement something I advised, then that would obviously cost extra.

So I think I’ll do up a business case, now that I know how to do them. And follow that with a business plan.

I’m quite excited about this.

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