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Creating a reality of your own choosing

“Your life today is a result of the choices you’ve made over the past five years. Your life five years from now will be a result of the choices you make today. Choose wisely.”

Quantum physics seems to state that for every choice available to us, an alternate reality comes into existence in an alternate, mirror reality where that choice becomes real and is played out for a brief time before dissipating due to lack of energy. It also seems to state that what we imagine as choices also become realities in their own right.

What we see in our minds becomes real in another reality, but it has a limited ‘lifespan’ unless we take action to make that choice permanent. Then that alternate reality becomes the reality we choose to enter, the path that splits off that we choose to follow. We’ve put energy into it, and it becomes permanent as a result.

So when that kind of understanding occurs, that what you see in your mind CAN become real if you take ‘action steps’ to make it happen, then you have the power to create a reality of your choosing, rather than reside in a reality that simply occurs around you, without your direct input.

You create with your mind a whole bunch of alternate realities on a daily basis, but the actions you take determine the reality you choose to be part of.

As a result, you can control your reality by taking action on those things that will lead you into the reality of your choosing.

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