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I've been playing around with setting up my own mailing list (via Mailchimp) so that I can move forward with the evolution of blogging. Instead of publishing to random people via a site, I'm going to publish to people's Inboxes by permission.

I spent some time thinking about a theme, a topic, and then I realised that I've oralready had the theme going on my blog, and I should just continue that, but in a different way.

So I came up with www.thinkwisely.net and I created a mailing list for it. Currently the site redirects to the signup form, but that's only because I've been too busy doing other things (like showing international guests around Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney…) to complete it properly. But I know what I need to do with it, I just need to find the time to do it.

But the daily letters is open for business. If you think you'd be interested in signing up and giving me permission to send you daily insights and observations, it would be my honour to have you onboard.

Thoughts come before actions. Actions lead to experiences. If you want better experiences in your life, you need to first change your thoughts.

ThinkWisely.net will help you change the way you think.

(Thanks must go to +Max Rubenacker for helping out with some design feedback. Most appreciated!)

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