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Dating and relationships

My posts and articles on dating and relationships seem to be enjoying a lot of interest. As a result of this, I’ve subscribed to some RSS feeds of various sources to inspire me to write more such articles, but with my own perspective.

Many writers and sites offer advice on dating and relationships from the female’s point of view, and many men think that if they understand what females are writing about, in relation to their wants, needs, likes and dislikes, then they’ll understand women more and be better able to relate to them, thus ensuring more successful dates or relationships.

Unfortunately, this is completely wrong.

Most women don’t really know what they want. You hear it all the time. “I just want a nice guy who’ll treat me with respect,” they cry out, sobbing, on the shoulder of the nice guy who’s always there for them but completely invisible to their wants and needs.

It’s the guys that don’t treat them with respect that they’re often attracted to, not because of the lack of respect, but because of other qualities that those ‘jerks’ have.

Challenging. Confident. Funny. Mysterious. Sexually appealing.

Nice guys often don’t have those qualities, and so they’re the ones often losing out.

The perspective that I write about is: how to be challenging, confident, funny, mysterious, and sexually appealing, without being a jerk. You’ll find such articles in the dating and relationships categories. And due to their popularity, and my own passion in encouraging men to be themselves (instead of what they think women want them to be), I’ll be writing a lot more dating and relationship articles from now on.

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