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Day One

Mel arrived on Friday midnight , and after taking her for a drive through the city to show her Wellington’s nightlife, we went home and ‘caught up on gossip’ before heading to bed.

Yesterday, got up too late to make breakfast so bummed around over toast and orange juice before heading off to pick up my friend Vicky and her friend Sally. We drove around the bays and had lunch at a cafe called the Chocolate Fish, which has a lovely view of the water. After lunch we continued the drive around the bays and then took Vicky and Sally back home, and then just came home ourselves and bummed around for the afternoon. Taking it easy was the order of the day. Smiley

Then we went out to dinner at a Sushi bar, where they have the sushi dishes on a conveyor belt going around the centre of the looong table. It’s one of my favourite places – some of the food there is excellent. (As long as it’s cooked, I like it.) Then we had a tea and hot chocolate at a restaurant before heading home and drinking vodka and lemonade, chatting and listening to music, ending up going to bed after 1am.

I was woken up at 5:30am by Eve, and then again at 6:20, and between 6:20 and 7:40 she was just insane. I didn’t want to put her out of my room, because then she’d wake Mel, so I just tried to tolerate the scratching of items in my room, the leaping off the walls, the running around the room, the leaping from the bed (and attacking the ghosts that were obviously all around), the climbing of the curtains and the hanging upside down from the bottom of the ironing board. But when she decided that my face looked like a mouse and should be pounced upon, I knew it was time to get up. (I don’t understand all those websites I’ve read about kittens that all say (those that talk about it) that the ‘energetic time’ lasts about 20 mins. With Eve it’s more like hours instead of minutes. :wacko: )

So that’s the details so far.

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