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Delete everything

deleteeverythingI recently decided to move old blog posts into the ‘old’ category if they were older than 1st January 2014. I haven’t even started yet, but it’s been on my mind as a task I must do. At the same time, however, I’ve been thinking about something that I’ve seen here and there, and reminded of every now and again. And as I look at the 1,500+ posts I’ve written over the past 16+ years, it’s becoming more and more attractive.

Delete everything.

Why do I keep it all? Because it’s a record of my life, and the record is important to me. But why? It’s not like I’m going back to it every now and again and reviewing it. And none of it is being found in search engines so no one is finding it. None of it is helpful in any way.

Delete it.

As I said, it’s becoming more and more attractive to get rid of it all.

Well, maybe not all of it. There’s a few gems in there that might be worth keeping, that represent certain milestones in my life. And insights. Sometimes I say something that’s worth keeping. And then there’s the stuff that people do find, and they keep coming to read. And even commenting on.

So I’ll just delete most of it. Lighten the load, and focus on what’s happening now.

Moving forward, I think it might even be a nice idea to delete something I’ve written if no one says anything. If it doesn’t inspire conversation or feedback, I don’t think I need to keep it around. It just gathers dust and serves no purpose.

Changes are coming. As always. 🙂

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