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Did you know underthink is a word?

I had someone tell me today that I overthink things. My response at the time is that I can’t do anything else but think about things. As people breathe, so do I think. But I was thinking about this tonight, and I wondered if there were people that told Einstein “You overthink things.” I wonder how many smart people were told they overthink by people that don’t think enough.

Of course, I could be overthinking this… But are great discoveries made by people that underthink? Is there such a term as underthink? Surely, if overthink is a term, so is underthink? Let me look it up…

Well, it seems it is a real word.

To give insufficient thought or consideration to; fail to consider adequately – Wiktionary

Personally, I like to give things ‘sufficient thought or consideration’, so that I avoid failing to consider adequately. But if that makes me an overthinker, then I’m happy to be that.

You breathe too much. You’re an overbreather.

That’s what I hear when I’m told I think too much. I don’t know how to NOT think. Maybe you breathe too much? Stop it.

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